Town & Kountry Kids 4H Club General Information


2014 – 2015 Town & Kountry Kids 4H Schedule

Phone, text, email, or write a letter to a LEADER if you will not be able to attend a meeting. 


Check the following for the latest club information:

Ask to join our Facebook group – Town & Kountry Kids 4H Club

Website – (includes a members list)

Email –

Des Moines County Fair website –


Remember to re-enroll at ASAP. You’ll need your username and password from your previous enrollment.  If you’re new, you can access 4honline and register.  We can help if you have questions.


State 4H dues are $30 this year.  None of this money stays with our local club.  Make checks payable to Town & Kountry Kids and we’ll pay the Extension Office. The Extension Council is helping with $15 and the Youth Committee is helping with $5. If you’re a Farm Bureau member, you can call their office and they’ll donate $10 to cover 4H dues. That money will be sent directly from Farm Bureau to the Extension Office.


2013 - 2015 Officers:

President - Abbey Coleman

Vice President - Sophia Breuer & Savannah Keitzer

Secretary Madolyn Drebenstedt

Historians  -  Sarah Conrad, Ally Vantiger, Katelyn Orr, Mallory Pohren,

Grace Breuer, Kaitlyn Thie, Mikenna Crews